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About us

Ribar is proud to offer comprehensive range of reinforcing steel solutions to meet the construction industry's needs; from cut & bend reinforcing steel bars to prefabricated cages and welded wire mesh.

Our reinforcing solutions facilitate efficient use of material, time, space and manpower resources which directly contribute to productivity gains. The productivity gains are translated to positive profit performance for our clients.

The reinforcing solutions are manufactured in our facility employing the latest automation technology in the art of reinforcing and steel processing. Together with experienced technical team and discerning management working in tandem, we have achieved high capacity delivery of cost effective reinforcing solutions at consistent quality and short lead time.

We at Ribar, work conscientiously as a team to constantly strive for improvement of product quality and service excellence, with the unwavering aim of delivering competitively priced quality reinforcing solutions swiftly to our clients while meeting their exacting standards and satisfaction every time.

Our Core Capabilities & Manufacturing Standards

Core Capabilities

  • Reinforcing Steel Bars
  • Cut & Bend Reinforcing Steel Bars
  • Prefabricated Cages
  • Welded Wire Mesh
  • Couplers and Threading Services

Manufacturing Standards

  • BS 4449:2005 Grade 500
  • SS 2-1:1999
  • SS 2-2:1999
  • SS 2-3:1987
  • SS 18-1:1999
  • SS 18-2:1970
  • BS8666:2005
  • SS32 / BS4483

Our Products & Services


12m straight bar range from diameter T10 to T40
Wire rod range from diameter 5.5mm to 13mm
Round bar range from R6 to R16

Value Added Services

Cut to length, Straight bar bending, Link products, Spiral and, arc bending

Caging Production


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